Cooks River Fun Run

The Cooks River Fun Run will not be returning in 2023 and 2024.

Council would like to thank everyone for their support and participation in the Cooks River Fun Run over the years.

Keep fit and we hope to see you at future Council events!

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RankNameTimeYear NameTimeYear
1Max Neumann15:392012Imogen Stewart16:462018
2Liam Woollett15:472012Bronwyn Hager17:272017
3Jake Stollery16:072014Jessica Guo17:472015
4Mark Simpson16:122018Shannon Richards18:152018
5Stuart Rennie16:252018Alexandra Field18:462018
6Martin Timms16:372010Taylor Porter18:502015
7Wayne Bulloch16:562015Georgie Farrar18:572017
8Nicholas Ratsilis17:162017Wendy Walker19:012011
9Jack McPhee17:122019Suzanne Harrington19:222015
10Bradley Mowlam17:132013Elmarie O'Regan19:352011
1Kieran Roche33:092015Belinda Martin35:232018
2Julien Benmokhtar33:272012Lauren Hamilton36:132014
3Tom Middleton33:392015Lauren Reid36:482017
4Neil Pearson33:432015Suzi Heaton38:422014
5Brendan Davies33:482010Louise Noble38:432017
6Jake Stollery34:002012Michelle McAdam38:452019
7Dani Andres34:072011Michelle McAdam38:502015
8Gary Mullins34:122019Elise Baker38:582013
9Dean Degan34:142015Bronwyn Hager39:022014
10Michael Cantley34:192011Emma Fitzgerald39:022019

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