International Women’s Day Morning Tea at Strathfield Council

Generation Equality

Together we can empower women across the globe.

Strathfield Council together with members of the local and wider community, celebrated International Women’s Day with a morning tea on Friday 6 March. Keynote speaker Patricia Garcia shared her thoughts on gender equality and how this could be obtained via the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, and also provided insight into her own inspirational life experiences.

Together, all attendees donated almost $1,500 in support of UN Women Australia. An organisation responsible for promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality. Council wishes to thank everyone for their incredible show of generosity.

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When: Friday 6 March 2020, 10am – 12pm
Where: Strathfield Town Hall, 65 Homebush Rd, Strathfield

Morning tea will be provided.

The outlay for this event is $30 per person and while Council is hosting the event free of charge to attendees, we encourage all attendees to keep this in mind and make a donation (to the amount of their choosing) to UN Women Australia, an organisation responsible for promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality.

You can make your donation by visiting All proceeds are donated directly to UN Women Australia.

For more information about UN Women Australia, please visit:

Registrations are now open! Please register here.

Council is delighted to welcome Patricia Garcia AO as this year’s distinguished keynote speaker. Respected humanitarian and 2016 Australian of the Year State Finalist, Patricia has lived and worked in war zones for over 20 years. She has managed and coordinated humanitarian relief and recovery programs to assist refugees and internally displaced people in the world’s longest running conflicts, including Afghanistan, Sudan and Burma.

Patricia has spent many years assisting refuge women who are victims of mutilation and war crimes, supported the global ban on landmines, supported refugees making a new start in Australia and has designed the Human Rights course for the Master of Peace and Conflict Studies at Sydney University.

As part of Council’s International Women’s Day fundraising initiative, a raffle will be drawn at the event on Friday 6 March at Strathfield Town Hall.

Prizes are as follows:

  1.  Morning Tea with Strathfield Councillors for you and 4 friends x2
  2. Lunch for 2 at State Parliament with Jodi McKay
  3. $150 Hugos Manly Voucher
  4. $100 Phoenix Rhodes Voucher x5
  5. $50 Urbano Voucher x2
  6. $50 Pancakes on the Rocks Voucher
  7. Chemist Warehouse Hamper

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