International Women’s Day Morning Tea at Strathfield Council


Together we can empower women across the globe.

Strathfield Council together with members of the local and wider community, will celebrate International Women’s Day with a morning tea on Monday 8 March 2021. Keynote speaker Erika Cholich will share her testimony on working in the visual arts industry as a woman and also provide insight into her own inspirational life experiences.

Erika will be joined by John Cruthers, Chairperson of the Sheila Foundation, a Sydney-based art curator, consultant, writer and collector. He will be sharing a bit about his work and Sheila Foundation’s research project that focuses on recovering Australia’s lost women artists from 1870-1960.

This event is being prepared to ensure it is Covid-safe by adhering to the guidelines and advice from NSW Health.

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Registrations have now reached full capacity.


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When: Monday 8 March 2021, 10am – 12pm
Where: Strathfield Town Hall, 65 Homebush Rd, Strathfield

Morning tea will be provided.

The outlay for this event is $30 per person and while Council is hosting the event free of charge to attendees, we encourage all attendees to keep this in mind and make a donation (to the amount of their choosing) to the Sheila Foundation, an organisation responsible for supporting women’s empowerment by ensuring equality for Australian women artists.

You can make your donation by clicking here. All proceeds are donated directly to the Sheila Foundation.

For more information about the Sheila Foundation, please visit their website.


Registrations have now reached full capacity.

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Erika Cholich works in oils directly from life, primarily in the still-life and portraiture genres. Engaging with the subject is an important aspect of her creative process. Working from life forces the artist to contend with limitations and is experiential and transient in nature. Outcomes are dependent on “real-time” factors. Erika is interested in capturing life and translating its intangible energy onto canvas with paint. To accomplish this she employs technical skill with intuitive mark making, always searching for a balance of the known and the perceived.

Erika studied under American artist, Shirley Aley Cambell. She holds a Master of Arts in Art Education from Case Western Reserve University and The Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland Ohio (USA).  She received the Eva L. Pancoast Memorial Fellowship for further studies which she undertook in Prague (Czech Republic). In 2019 Erika was an Archibald finalist, winner of the “Traditional“ category in the Camden Art Prize and highly commended in the Burwood Art Prize.

Erika is originally from Cleveland, Ohio (USA) but now lives and works in Sydney. She is engaged as a full-time painter and occasionally offers private classes.

John Cruthers is a Sydney-based art adviser, curator, collector and gallerist. From 1974 he worked with his mother Sheila to assemble the Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art, which was gifted to The University of Western Australia in 2007. At the same time his family established the Cruthers Art Foundation to support the Collection at UWA and advocate for women artists.

Now numbering over 700 works, the Collection is Australia’s largest stand-alone collection of women’s art and has been described by art historian Professor Rex Butler as “a tremendous resource for the rethinking of Australian art”.

John was curatorial adviser to the Cruthers Collection from 2007-17 and has been a member of the UWA Cultural Collections Board since 2011. In 2017 the Cruthers Art Foundation transitioned to Sheila: A Foundation for Women in Visual Art. Named in honour of his mother, the foundation he now chairs aims to continue her work for women artists, both historical and contemporary.

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