I'll Be Home For Christmas!

This year, we’re doing it a little different.

Join us online for the annual Strathfield Christmas Carols 2020!

Featuring local group performances, well wishes from the community and a special guest, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! Tune in to our YouTube Channel – Strathfield TV from your family living room on Saturday 12 December from 6pm.

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Christmas Carols Online 2020

Stage Program
Strathfield Christmas Tree Creation
Jay Laga'aia
Season’s Greetings from Strathfield Councillors
Chalmers Road Public School
Strathfield Girl’s High School String Quartet
Christmas Messages from Local Schools
Strathfield Council’s Year in Review
Donna Jeans Dance Force
St Anne's Primary School
Strathfield Symphony Orchestra
Santa Sabina Chamber Orchestra
Rotary Club of Strathfield
Strathfield Community Choir
Christmas Craft with Strathfield Library
Carols Storytime with Pele
Christmas Messages from Local Residents and Businesses
Meriden Music Makers
Carols Singalong with Pele
Van Sereno
Digital Fireworks Display

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Interested in sponsoring?

For more information on becoming a Strathfield Christmas Carols sponsor to enhance your business exposure, complete the contact form or:

Phone: 02 9748 9999
Email: events@strathfield.nsw.gov.au

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