Street Festival 2140 has now come to a close. Thanks for celebrating Homebush and Homebush West with us over the last few weeks! Remember to sign up to Council’s eNews for updates on future events.


As part of the NSW Government’s The Festival of Place, Homebush and Homebush West are coming back to life after a long lock down.

Experience a feast for your senses, as we take to the streets with live music, performers, kids activities, markets, food stalls and more. Homebush and Homebush West will be centre stage as locals and visitors discover all they have to offer, and the community joins together to reimagine their main streets.


Henley Road, Homebush West
Fri 11 – Sat 12 March 2022
Fri 18 – Sat 19 March 2022

Rochester Street, Homebush
Fri 25 – Sat 26 March 2022
Fri 1 – Sat 2 April 2022
Fri 8 – Sat 9 April 2022

Event times

Friday: 4pm – 9pm

Saturday: 12pm – 9pm


Opportunities are available for local businesses, stall holders, performers, sponsors and volunteers. Get in touch today

Street Festival 2140 is proudly funded by the NSW Government’s The Festival of Place.

Face painting at Street Festival 2140 is brought to you by Community Bank Homebush.

Follow us on social media for event updates!


These large scale events are aimed at revitalising the economy and bringing the areas of Homebush and Homebush West back to life after the recent lockdown. It is hoped that businesses will see an economic boost from the event, as well as ongoing interest in the areas.

The events align with Council’s goals of activating and promoting places, supporting local businesses, building cohesive communities, and facilitating cultural endeavours. Community participation is key to their success and Council encourages businesses to see this as an opportunity to showcase their offerings.

A significant investment is being made in the events as well as promoting them to a wide audience. Don’t miss out on your chance to be included! Please see more info below for each town centre.


Road closures are required to create a safe and bustling event space to activate both Homebush Village and Homebush West. This will take place from 9am Friday to 11.59pm Saturday over the below weekends.

Fri 11 – Sat 12 March 2022
Fri 18 – Sat 19 March 2022

Fri 25 – Sat 26 March 2022
Fri 1 – Sat 2 April 2022
Fri 8 – Sat 9 April 2022

Rochester Street will be closed from The Crescent to Abbotsford Road.

Burlington Road will be closed from Homebush Road to Meredith Street, however, the carpark laneway will remain open.

Residents will be able to access their homes at all times.

Proudly Funded by NSW Government's The Festival of Place

Amazing Ally Sponsor

Sponsorship Enquiries

For more information on enhancing your business exposure by becoming a Spring Festival sponsor, contact the Strathfield Council Communications and Events Team:

Phone: 02 9748 9999

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